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Hi all,

It’s mid year and time to catch you up on what we as SoS have collectively accomplished! As you recall, we adopted Southport Elementary as this years focus of our efforts. So what have we done!!! A lot….

This summer we designed and printed very nice materials to support the ‘I Am a Star’.. ..this is a monthly program focusing on a positive character trait, e.g. honest, kindness, determination, etc. Each child can receive a star stamp and a local celebrity signature when they’ve demonstrated that trait at a monthly luncheon. So far our celebrity speakers have been Mayor Dove, Police Chief Gary Smith, Fire Chief Todd Corring. Sr. Chief Myers from the Coast Guard is scheduled for this month. If ever you want to attend one of these programs here’s the following schedule…all from 11:00-1:00 in the cafeteria:

  • Thursday, January 25, Self-Control
  • Friday, February 23, Cooperation
  • Friday, March 23, Respect
  • Friday, April 27, Sportsmanship
  • Tuesday, May 22, ResponsibilityIn August we ordered for the school:
  • 112 Play ground balls
  • 10 Sandb0x toys
  • 112 Hula Hoops
  • 28 Large bottles of bubbles
  • 28 large boxes of sidewalk chalk
  • 112 Jump ropes
  • 28 Soccer balls
  • 28 basketballs       
  • Independent of SoS:
  • The rest of the year we will be helping with Teacher Appreciation Week, Proctoring, Book Fair, and potentially supplies for gifted program.
  • In February our artists and ‘paint brush washers’ will be creating an educational mural in the library depicting the sea life in the Cape Fear Region.
  • In January we will be adding a little to the sparse teacher bathrooms…coat trees, maybe picture?
  • In November a great group of artists and ‘paint brush washers’, then added a super mural outside the library focusing on reading in a whimsical way.
  • In October we worked with the PTA in both setting up fall carnival and manning the activities! Our great art team also added a wonderful seashore mural to a hallway.
  • In September, I swear on the hottest days of the year, a hardy group built 9 picnic tables and a sandbox, over a two day period. This definitely enhanced the whole school yard allowing more outside seating, art, etc.! The supplies were all donated by Cameron Smith, builder….such a generous contribution. Also, helping our sturdy band of female and male builders were the boy scouts, girl scouts, and a very knowledgeable Rotarian.
  • This met the needs for outside accessories for the entire school year!
  • the science teachers secured grants for Tower Gardens and our Nellie Harden will be helping coach all on these creations.
  • The North Carolina History Museum will be hosting the 5th graders to a day trip to Raleigh to see the museum and legislature, with associated lesson plans, that Tish Hatem is facilitating
  • John Smith Cemetery group is creating a video recording the oral history of African Americans in our area that will be shown to all 4/5 graders, with Dottie Walker and Alexis Graves facilitating
  • New clothing donated to the school closet that should take care of socks, gloves, etc. for the year, due to Lisa Stetner and Gibby LawsonSo when we take an overview of our contribution to the school it covers:
  • Physical development
  • Character development
  • Academic expansion
  • Environmental improvements
  • Aid to existing efforts 
  • Now we didn’t just focus on the school..
  • This has taken money, manpower, creativity, and spreading the word about needs. I hope you all feel proud. Certainly seems like a lot of effort has made a big difference!
  • We again facilitated Southport Flags at sunset throughout the summer
  • We served at the Military Appreciation Dinner
  • Helped with painting SOAR buildings
  • We’re going to be contributing to Hope safe house for Christmas
  • Will help with Princess Ball in February
  • Will have another fund raiser in May    
  • So that’s our community efforts for this year! Have a warm holiday season and hope your heart is full in knowing you helped others make their lives a little brighter!
  • For next year we’ve selected Hope Safe House as our focus project. This location has been in existence for 32 years. It temporarily houses children and parent involved in a domestic violence situation. Last year they served 70 children and their parents. They provide the housing but also follow up assistance. They have secured a grant to develop their outdoor playground and are desperately in need of manpower to realize this project. There ought to be something for anyone who wants to help. All who come to the facility will need to sign a confidentiality agreement as the location is not public knowledge. Worthy cause and will start planning after the holidays!
  • And I’m sure there will be more!

Normally we don't site participation but special mention is called for to those who helped build 9 picnic tables and a was so hot/humid really required herculean effort...fortunately boy/girl scouts helped along with parents  and no heart attacks!  :)

Cameron L. Smith donated all the materials

Joe Rodriguez

Don Wilson

Mike Martin

Dick Sloan

Don Ihlefeld

Wayne Rogers

Tracy Beaulieu

Karen Rogers

Linda DeTores

All were there either Thursday, Friday, or both!! 

When SoS helped with staff back to school breakfast on Monday, the teachers had a special round of applause for the effort.  (Thanks to everyone for their contribution to that breakfast.)

Currently Dottie Walker and Alexis Graves are working on a video oral history of African American personal histories in this area to be shown in the classrooms.  Tish Hatem is working with North Carolina history Museum to have 5th graders bused for a day in Raleigh that would include museum tour, legislative buildings, along with lesson plans to accompany the trip.  Nellie Harden and family have volunteered to 'tutor' science classes on establishing tower gardens if the teachers can get the grant.  Linda D, Colleen, Tracy, have designed, coordinated and had printed the program, "I Want To Be A Star' which recognizes students demonstrating traits such as kindness, honesty, teamwork, etc.  Our artists---Sherry S, Diane S. Gail S., Mary T., Pam C., Marta M., have agreed to help design/paint a sea life mural in the library early next year.  Mary T and Diane S. have both volunteered to lead an art class in an activity.  Several have made monetary contributions to help with the, as you can see, we are a vital group representing a wide scope of expertise. 

The staff and PTA couldn't be more grateful that we 'adopted' them this year! 



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